Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Crunwear/Crunwere Church Gravestones

The gravestones have all been photographed and they have all now been uploaded to the Find A Grave website where they are accessible to all.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

New steps and moved fencing

It seems new steps have been installed at Crunwere Church leading down to the old lower yard section.  Also the fence around the church has been moved.
This work seems to have been initiated from the church’s head office in Cardiff and not locally.
I have nt been able to get there yet to take any pictures.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Crunwere Churchyard July 2013

The Oriel family grave is inside that undergrowth somewhere

Going down towards the lower yard

The ivy covered porch

Looking down from the top yard

The lower yard

The lower yard

Embedded tombstone in wall

The overgrown porch

Gate is now unlocked so you have access to the lower and older yard - 
if you can get through the grass and weeds.

Graves inside the fence disappearing beneath the grass.

Top field above the newest graves.

Top field again.

Looking down towards the church from the top of the yard.

 Looking down towards the church from the top of the yard.

Graves disappearing beneath the vegetation.

Top row of graves - these are the newest ones and even they have a neglected air about them.

Top two rows of graves - grass is as tall as the headstones.

  Looking down towards the church from the top of the yard.

Fence disappearing within the grass.

Believe it or not this is the path down to the gate.

Looking towards the porch.

Gravestones inside the fence almost buried under vegetation.

Ivy breaking in through the porch.

 Ivy breaking in through the porch.

Old table top tombstone.

Fence and gate to lower yard.

 Fence and gate to lower yard.

Looking towards the porch - under that tangle of undergrowth
 is a cobbled path - somewhere.

Track back across the field to the lane - the picture does not do it justice.
It is so overgrown a car can hardly make the journey across it.

First impressions of Crunwere Church and graveyard - what a sorry sight.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some new headstones and other pictures

Church path - there are cobbles under all this grass

The tower

Graves inside the fencing

The tower

Our cobbled path is hiding under all the grass

Tidy old yard - but you cannot get to it for the fence

Tower still standing

Porch disappearing under ivy

Animal tracks in carpark

Old stile with metal bar across the top

Steps up to stile

Grassed over carpark